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A Wholesale Plant Grower and Distributor

Vista, CA

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Welcome to our new site! We're very pleased you found us. At Horticultural Sales, we specialize in locating, consolidating, and shipping live plants to our customers in the interiorscape, nursery, and floral trades. Take a few minutes to browse our pages and let us show you some of the finest plants in Southern California and how to incorporate them into your marketing program.

  • We have the resources to find what you want. With over one hundred nurseries to choose from, our sales and customer service staff have literally thousands of plants to fill almost any request.
  • We have the facilities, staff, and transportation to pull your order together in one place. At our distribution facility in Vista, California we are centrally located to the entire San Diego County growing area, making consolidation and shipping a breeze.
  • We have the shipping experience to get your order to you. We secure the best qualified, experienced, temperature controlled carriers, and have weekly shipments to many areas of the country. Our customers' orders arrive fast and fresh.

Let the team at Horticultural Sales, Inc. go to work for YOU. We can truly offer you a one-stop plant shopping experience.

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